Jam Donut 50ml 0mg Shortfill

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The very essence of a Jam Donut has been carefully captured here, from the soft sweet dough to the fresh, deep and magical jam centre. How? it is possible to enjoy such flavours in an e-juice is something many don’t understand however we can tell you all Lucid Juices e-Liquids are made using premium ingredients, ensuring that your e-Liquid is as flavoursome and as satisfying as possible. Do not be put off by the sweetness of this e-Liquid as the fruit flavour levels it out so that you can enjoy a perfectly vape at any time The inhale consists of that sugary donut taste which prepares you for the fruity explosion of flavour, on exhaling the strawberry jam comes through and complements the sugar donut inhale perfectly!
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Need a donut without the calories? Well this e-Liquid from Lucid Juices is your answer! The only thing the Jam Donut e-Liquid from Lucid Juices is missing is the crunch of sugar as you sink your teeth into a real-life jam Donut. A jam Donut has always been the vey naughtiest of sweet treats and this Jam Donut e-Liquid from Lucid Juices is no different, it’s naughty, cheeky and will defiantly be on your list of favourite sweet treat vaping flavours.
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